Practice Transformation Learning Collaborative

1) PCMH Assessments

a. Tool: PCMH-A Self-Assessment

b. Tool: PCMH-A Frequently Asked Questions

c. Tool: AAFP PCMH Checklist

2) Engaged Leadership

a. Tool: PCMH Strategic Planning, Quality Improvement, and Business Processes Tool

b. Guide

c. Webinar (Explorers)

d. Webinar (Navigators)

3) Quality Improvement Strategy

a. Clinical measures

b. Tool: A3 Type Report Template

c. Guide (Strategy 1)

d. Guide (Strategy 2)

e. Webinar (Explorers)

f. Webinar (Navigators)

g. Crosswalk of Change Concepts and PCMH Standards

4) Empanelment

a. Tool (Staff Pushback)

b. Tool (Provider Staffing and Scheduling Policy)

c. Tool (PCP Assignment)

d. Tool (Determining Right Size Panel)

e. Tool (Patient Acuity Rubric)

f. Tool (Scripting Appointment Scheduling)

g. Guide

h. Webinar (Explorers)

i. Webinar (Navigators)

5) Continuous and Team-Based Healing Relationships

a. Tool: Team-Based Healing Relationships

b. Guide

c. Supplemental Guide

d. Tool: Cambridge Health Alliance Model of Team-Based Care Implementation Guide & Toolkit

e. Webinar (Explorers)

f. Webinar (Navigators)

6) Organized- Evidenced Based Care

a. Guide

b. Supplemental Guide

c. Webinar (Explorers)

d. Webinar (Navigators)

7) Patient Centered Interactions

a. Tool - Eliciting the Patient's Perspective

b. Tool - PCMH: The Patient's Perspective

c. Guide

d. Tool: Patient Visit Sheet

e. Tool: Patient-Selt Management FAQs

f. Tool: Strategies & Tools to Orient & Engage Patients & Families to PCMH Model of Care

g. Webinar (Explorers)

h. Webinar (Navigators)

8) Enhanced Access

a. Tool: Appointment Confirmation

b. Tool: No Show Management

c. Tool: Third Next Appointment

b. Guide

c. Webinar (Explorers)

d. Webinar (Navigators)

9) Care Coordination

a. Tool: Practice Results

b. Guide

c. Webinar (Explorers)

d. Webinar (Navigators)

10) Final Webinar

a. Webinar (Navigators)

11) Resources Related NCQA PCMH

a. Tool: Summary of Documentation Needed – 2011 Standards

b. Tool: PCMH 2011 Tracking Checklist

c. Policies and Procedures Templates – 2011 Standards

d. Policies and Procedures Templates – 2014 Standards Must-Pass Elements